Bonus Singles

Marriage by Gold Panda

This is not the first time Gold Panda has been featured on this blog but nonetheless I have a certain loyalty to this band and I really want to give them as much exposure as possible. Marriage is the most recent track by Gold Panda and may I say that it is the strongest released so far. There is a certain level of maturity to the electronic sound play that Gold Panda is able to create with Marriage. The song has a very strong electronic feel but what makes this song the most interesting is the multiple textures of electronics laid over the song as a whole that creates for a prominent electronic track.

Recharge and Revolt by The Raveonettes

Recharge and Revolt is a fairly interesting track as far as I am concerned. I am a pretty big fan of The Raveonettes and have always enjoyed their music for its complex textures and being able to play up extremely harsh sounds, dreamy vocals and a light pulsating air to their music and recharge and revolt is no different. The main difference between Recharge and Revolt and a lot of their previous tracks is the fact that this is possibly the heaviest and noisiest song that they have released to date. The Raveonettes are definitely showing a very dark side to their music with this track but even though it is fairly dark in composition there is still this airy atmosphere thanks to their dreamy vocal work.


Singles of the Week

I’m going to use this post as my somewhat reintroduction into this blog. As I have mentioned before this blog has undergone a hiatus for the last few months thanks to a heavy course load and my desire to graduate but nonetheless things are calming down and I will be able to create a few post more frequently. In this edition of Singles of the week I bring to you and eclectic mix that will get you on the floor in one way or another.

Honey Touches by Ponytail

Now, I have not necessarily been the most avid Ponytail fan over the years but I have always respected their craft and found them to be one of the most interesting bands on the face of the earth. My only problem with Ponytail was that their music was so obscure that it was really hard to get into them but with Honey Touches I feel they have entered into a more accessible sound which will see their fan base grow. Honey touches is a fun song that has the usual playful vocal work, shredding guitars and odd timed rhythms that keep this track strictly in interesting pop zone.

After The Moment by Craft Spells

I will be the first person to admit that this year has been fairly slow and sparse on good material especially of the electronic persuasion but thanks to Craft Spells that draft is now over. After The Moment is by far the strongest track that Craft Spells have released to date and that is saying a lot because they have consistently released top notch material since their inception. None the less After the Moment has this soft electronic background, over some fairly post punk vocal work which form together to create possibly my favorite song of 2011 so far.

Contact High by Architecture in Helsinki

There is no greater band on earth that is capable of mixing electronics, pop, synths and old school vibe than Architecture in Helsinki. Contact High is no different from all the other releases they have made but it sure as hell is one of the catchiest. I can’t get enough of this song at all and I have consistently played this song over and over and to be honest I think it is possibly going to win the award for sweetest synth pop track of the year because this tune is just too damn good to stop listening to it. but to put things in perspective I would say this is a top notch pop track that makes utmost use of its electronic base and delivers a dance anthem of its very own.


My hiatus from this blog is slowly coming to an end but not just yet. Fact is I still have tons of school to get out of the way but after next week I will have this blog up and running again at full force and to be honest I already have several ideas to improve the blog and make it a more enjoyable experience. Until then I shall bribe you all with a little play list I just finished making and wanted to share with everyone until my return.

Trains and Tracks by An Horse
Dressed Sharply by An Horse
Tokyo Vampire and Wolves by The Wombats
Techno Fan by The Wombats
Leave The Light On by Oh Darling
Can’t Find Entrance by Those Darling Days
Romance is Boring by Los Campesinos
If You Wanna by The Vaccines
Wolf Pack by the Vaccines
True Loves by Hooray for Earth
A More Perfect Union by Titus Andronicus
Plainclothes by Cymbal Eats Guitars
Get Away by Yuck
Machine by Cults


I also didn’t want to go on a hiatus without leaving everyone something to listen to because as well know music is the general livelihood and pulse of this blog and what kind of owner would I be if I didn’t leave everyone with some great tunes to swoon over while I am away. I will attempt to update a few band recommendations, albums and a few music reviews before I take on my full hiatus but most of all I wanted to leave everyone with a play list since I haven’t made a play list in a while and as you all know this is what I have been listening to and really digging as of late.

Baby Says by The Kills
Heart is a Beating Drum by The Kills
Pacing Around The church by Cold Cave
The Great Pan is Dead by Cold Cave
Pure Violence by Abe Vigoda
Bad Love by White Lies
Youth Knows No Pain by Lykke Li
Heart in Your Heartbreak by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Ghosts of Utopia by IAMX
Cold Red Light by IAMX
Skull Eyes by True Widow
Wonderland by Natalia Kills

South Florida Concert update

I know that I am suppose to be going on my Hiatus and what not (which I will of course) but I do want to leave everyone with a few post before I dive head first into my hiatus and all of that good stuff. I have a lot of friends that would like to know what shows/concerts are happening in south Florida and what not and since I don’t have much of a life I tend to go to a lot of concerts which become my livelihood and what not but none the less these are a few of the upcoming concerts that I am heavily looking forward to and shall make sure I attend each and everyone of them.

April 29th: Interpol w/ School of Seven Bells
April 30th: Sleigh Bells
May 13th: Uh Huh Her w/ Diamonds Under Fire
May 26th: The Airborne Toxic Event
Jun 5th: Matt & Kim w/ The Thermals
July 12th: The Glitch Mob w/ Phantogram
July 30th: Warped Tour(Yelawolf, Against me! & Foxy shazam)


I clearly haven’t posted a single thing on this blog since I hit spring break because after spring break was accomplished school hit me hard and I just haven’t had the time and patience to sit down and keep up with this blog. But don’t worry this blog is going to go through a bit of a revamp in upcoming month or so when I have time to get shit back on track and put this blog back on the map but until then I won’t necessarily be updating this blog as often as I use to because I still have my Live Journal and Tumblr blog that I have to take care of and have priority over my wordpress blog. Like I mentioned above I have been very busy, this blog won’t get updated as frequent, but it will be going through a revamp and once I graduate this semester I will get things back together and have a functioning blog in just a few short weeks.

But until then things are going to stay moderately dead around here until I have the time and effort that I can put forward and make some quality post instead of the half ass job I would end up having to do thanks to time, lack of effort and exhaustion. I will be working on a revamp as stated above in which I will have this blog much more organized and when it does return some time in may you can believe that there will be ample post about Music, Anime,Film, Fashion, Culture and so much more but I won’t be revealing all of my secrets until the time comes.

So to everyone who follows this blog thanks so much for following and the support and I promise to be back some time in May after I graduate and bring you quality post and bring this blog back into action.

P.S: this does not mean that I will not pop up from time to time and update on a few post.

IS:Infinite Stratos 8

Episode (8): episode eight was the single most intense episode in the series so far and it really did get to a point where they left a lot of surprises and they revealed it all in this episode that was action packed, enjoyable to watch and it really just had me at the edge of my seat this whole damn time. Episode eight was the Inter class tournament in which we have been waiting for since the beginning of the series and since both Rin and Cecilia are still recovering from the last episode they are not allowed to enter the tournament and instead Charles and Orimura team up while Houki gets a surprise when she is forced to team up with Laura and oddly enough the first match of the tournament was between Orimura and Chalres vs. Laura and Houki.

The battle between both teams was completely crazy and shocking and had me on my seat just screaming the entire time. The funniest part of the battle was that Oriumra and Charles focused on taking out Houki first who I was surprised went don so easily her being the leader of the kendo club and having such strong power and force but she was eliminated first because they both needed to save there energy to take out Laura. Laura is a literal monster when it comes to the way that she battles because she completely landed several great shots on both Orimura and Charles but the most interesting aspect of this battle was the fact that Laura was completely taken by surprise when it came to the team work that Charles and Orimura had. With their team work they were able to land several shots on Laura and were really doing a great job in combating Laura because when it came down to it I was not expecting her to lose but even with their team work she fought back but eventually lost when Orimura was able to use Charles Gun and Charles was able to use a speed boost which took Laura by surprise and landed her a loss or so we thought.

Even though Laura lost she was consumed by anger and the nano machines that are in her body ate and swallowed her and created this monster that appeared as a blob that consumed her and created this monster that was going to finish what had been started though Laura was unconscious at this point. With Houki interfering and saving oimura and Charles being able to switch his energy to give Orimura his sword and one last shot to defeat laura which he did which also ignites the romance between Charles who is now referred to by Orimura by her real name Charlotte as well as LAura who is now planning to take Orimura as her husband.